Names are organized by last name,year of birth/date of death if available,and the county they resided in.This list is continually being updated,and is a never ending project.

I sure hope to add more names to the list below.Slowly over time more information is becoming available to the public via the web of course.In this day and age, and  things move slow as far as all the progress we've made with technology in regards also.New finds on various battle field are turning up new tips of who served where,when referencing books & journals there is not mention of it.

The list below is as accurate as what's available to me as of now,but will be adding more names in the future in a section of questionable territory.Facts are coming in where there is a conflict of interest on who died,and who died where with various records coming in from families,and archaeological diggings,in regards to where a soldier served,and should be best left to the families to decide how things should be historical stated.


                                                                                           A - C


ABBOT James B 1844 1900 Ada Vermont Co. D, 1st Vermont Cavalry
Abel Benjamin Franklin 1847 1915 Idaho
ADAIR James M 1938 Gem Arkansas Co. I, 1st Arkansas Cavalry
ADAMS M J 1903 Nez Perce
ADAMS Thomas 1927 Ada Pennsylvania Co. B, 3rd & 18th Pennsylvania Professional Cav.
Adams William H Washington
ADAMS David 1910 Owyhee California Co. A, 8th California Vol. Inf.
Adamson Aaron M 1836 1926 Ada Nevada Co. H & Co. E, U.S.C.T., 1st Nevada
ADAMSON Aaron B 1845 1910 Idaho Kansas 8th Kansas Vol. Inf.
ADAMSON Aaron M 1926 Ada Nebraska Co. H, 1st Nebraska 62nd USCI
ADELMANN Richard C 1846 1933 Ada New York 126th New York Vol.
Adelmann Robt. C Ada New York 5th New York
ADELMANN Richard C 1846 1933 Ada New York 5th New York Zouaves
Adkins John 1812 1889 Kootenai Co. Kansas Co. I, 15th Kansas Cavalry
ADSLEY Elijah 1849 ? Idaho Co. A, 19th U. S. Regulars
AIKEN William E 1827 1884 Nez Perce
AIKEN William Henry 1840 1930 Ada Illinois Co. F, 45th Illinois Vol. Inf.
Aikin Wm. Ada Illinois Co. F, 45th Illinois Infantry
ALBER Adam 1831 1912 Latah
ALDRICH Garner 1844 1919 Bonner New York Co. C, 141st New York Infantry
Aldrich Luther S Payette Co. I, 10th Heavy Artiller
ALEXANDER David 1833 1904 Kootenai
ALLEN Horace D 1908 Kootenai New York Co. I, 92nd New York Infantry
ALLEN Ira Samuel 1846 1923 Ada Wisconsin Co. C, 23rd Wisconsin Infantry
ALLEN Silas D 1845 1929 Canyon Iowa Co. E, 13th Iowa Inf..
ALLEN Socrates 1835 1934 Ada Ohio 3rd Ohio Vol. Cavalry
ALLEN Trowbridge 1843 1918 Ada New York Co. H, New York Engineers
ALLERTON Judson 1838 1912 Gem New York Co. F, 86th New York Vol. Inf.
AMOS Isaac 1925 Ada Iowa Co. B, Iowa Cavalry
Anderson Alfred Ada Kansas Co. M, 16th Kansas Cavalry
Anderson Charles Kootenai Wisconsin Co. C, 46th Wisconsin
Anderson J W Kootenai Wisconsin Co. H, 3rd Wisconsin.
ANDERSON James 1846 1924 Oneida
ANDERSON John W 1845 1915 Kootenai
ANDERSON Peter 1844 1920 Ada Minnesota Co. K, 6th Minnesota Inf.
ANDERSON Peter Butte Co. F, 10th Kansas Infantry
ANDERSON Rufus 1829 1899 Ada Nebraska Co. D, 2nd Nebraska Cavalry
ANDERSON Simon 1833 1908 Adams Co. A, 8th Regiment Army
Andrews DeForest 1841 1903 Ada
ANDREWS Edwin Truman 1844 1910 Lemhi
ANDREWS Norman Ira 1844 ? Lemhi Minnesota Co. D, 1st Minnisota Artillery
ANDREWS Thomas King 1846 1919 Lemhi Minnesota Co. H, 1st Minnesota Mounted Rangers
ANDREWS William H 1820 1914 Lemhi Wisconsin Co. D, 46th Wisconsin Vol. Inf.
ANDREWS William S or G 1844 1918 Twin Falls Ohio Co. B, 46th Ohio Inf.
Andrews Wm. S Lemhi Wisconsin Co. D, 46thWisconsin Infantry
ANDRUS Ezra B 1816 1897 Kootenai Minnesota Co. G, 3rd Minnesota Inf.
ANGEL Texas 1839 1903 Blaine New York Co. I, 27th New York Vol. Inf.
ANSBOURNE Thomas J 1844 1910 Ada Wisconsin Co. K, 14th Wisconsin Inf.
Anthony William Ada Iowa Co. B, 7th Iowa Cavalry
Anthony William Ada Iowa Co. B, 7th Iowa Cavalry
ANTHONY William B 1833 1920 Ada Iowa Co. B, 7th Iowa Vol. Cavalry
Arbogash Henry S Idaho Illinois Co. D, 137th Illinois Infantry
ARBOGAST Henry S 1847 ? Idaho Illinois Co. C, 151st Illinois
Arbogast Henry Unknown Info.
Archer Michael Ada Maine Co. B, 25th Maine
ARCHER Michael 1930 Ada Ohio Co. B, 25th Ohio Vol. Inf.
ARENSBERGER James Watson 1843 1910 Jefferson Ohio Co. E, 86th Ohio Infantry
Armstrong Porter Bingham Illinois Co. B, 59th Illinois Infantry
ARTHUR Benjamin 1845 1932 Nez Perce Pennsylvania Co. B, 77th Pennsylvania Infantry
ASH Solomon 1909 Canyon Indiana Co. E, 99th Indiana, Inf.
Ashbaugh John A 1835 1915 Canyon Indiana 21st Battery, Indiana Light Infantry
Ashlock Francis P 1843 1921 Payette Illinois Co. G, 14th Illinois Regiment
Ashlock Francis P 1843 1921 Payette Illinois 71st Illinois Regiment
ATCHERSON Charles E 1908 Ada Co. I, 6th Veteran Reserve Corp.
ATKINSON Elmer or Edwin 1840 1918 Lewis Wisconsin Co. D, 2nd Wisconsin Vol. Inf.
Atwood James H Latah Massachusetts Co. K, 24th Massachusetts
Aulbaugh Adam Shoshone Nevada 1st Nevada Battery


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Ausborne Thomas J Washington Wisconsin Co. K, 14th Wisconsin
AUSTEON William H 1833 1933 Ada, Owyhee
Austin Edwin E Ada Vermont Co. M, 1st Vermont Cavalry
AUSTIN Julius D 1913 Latah Minnesota Co. A, 8th Minnesota Vol.
Avery S H Twin Falls Michigan Co. K, 22nd Michigan Infantry
BABB David D 1922 Gem Pennsylvania Co. K, 141st Pennsylvania Infantry
Babb H C Canyon Kansas Co. B, 8th Kansas Cavalry
Babbit A T 1889 Nampa / Wyoming
BACK Henry S 1837 1929 Canyon / Kootenai Minnesota Co. B, 1st Minnesota Cavalry
Badley Robt A Gem Colorado Co. B, 2nd Colorado Cavalry
BADLEY Robert Arthur 1913 Ada / Gem Colorado 3rd Colorado Cavalry
BAILEY Austin B 1907 Ada Illinois Co. I, 9th Illinois Cavalry
BAILEY Henry F 1929 Ada Missouri Co. G, Cass Co. Missouri Hm.Gds.
Baily Weston Kootenai Pennsylvania Co. G, 52nd Pennsylvania
Baily Weston Kootenai Pennsylvania Co. G, 52nd Pennsylvania
BAIR Howard Lester 1846 1912 Bannock Ohio Co. I, 102nd Ohio Cavalry
Bair Howard L Bannock Co. I
Baker Clark B Ada Illinois Co. G, 146th Illinois
Baker Darius F Ada Wisconsin 13th Wisconsin Infantry
Baker M N Canyon Iowa Co. I, 44th Iowa Infantry
BAKER Darius F 1842 1927 Ada Wisconsin Co. B, 18th Wisconsin Vol. Inf.
BAKER Nathaniel 1839 1922 Canyon Wisconsin 5th Wisconsin Regiment
BAKER Solomon 1840 1912 Ada Ohio Co. I, 3rd Ohio Vol. Cavalry
BALDWIN Layton S 1906 Ada New York Co. E, 10th New York Cavalry
BALDWIN Robert B 1834 1916 Ada Ohio Co. C, 55th Ohio Infantry
BALDWIN Thomas Sylvester 1840 1918 Blaine Ohio
BALDWIN Quincy A 1842 1927 Ada Iowa Co. F, 13th Iowa Inf.
BALDWIN Thomas Sylvester 1840 1918 Blai e Ohio
Ball John Twin Falls Ohio Co. C, 43rd Ohio
BALL Richard C 1922 Ada Illinois Co. F, 116th Illinois Infantry
BALLANTINE James W 1839 1907 Blaine Pennsylvania 193rd Pennsylvania Vol.
BALLANTINE James W 1907 Blaine Pennsylvania Co. E, 9th Penna. Reserve Corps
BALLENTINE Robert 1892 Ada Indiana Co. K, 147th Indiana Infantry
Ballou R E Blaine Wisconsin Co. D, 1st Wisconsin
Bancrof H L Kootenai Indiana Co. A, 137th Indiana
Bancroft Henry L 1835 1925 Ada/Kootenai Illinois Co. A, 137th Illinois Infantry
Bancroft J W Ada Vermont 10th Vermont
Bancroft John W 1840 ? 1910 Ada Vermont Co. K, 10th Vermont Infantry
BANCROFT Morris E 1911 Ada Maine Co. F, 8th Maine Inf.
BANKS William H 1837 1915 Bear Lake Pennsylvania 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry
BANKS David E 1913 Ada Illinois Co. M, 2nd Illinois Cavalry
BANKS Michael 1832 1917 Ada Co. E, 6th United States Cavalry
BARBER Henry/Harry
Barber M H Ada New York Co. F, 126th New York Infantry
BARBOUR Edward 1831 1917 Ada Missouri Co. M, 8 Missouri Cavalry
BARDSLEY Naphtali 1843 1913 Canyon Missouri Co. I, 5th Missouri Cavalry
BARGE William Jasper 1841 1926 Ada Iowa Co. F, 15th Iowa Vol. Inf.
BARGER William Jasper 1841 1926 Ada Iowa Co. F, 15th Iowa Vol. Inf.
BARKER Francis M. 1844 1891 Lincoln New York Co. K, 14th New York Heavy Artillery
BARKER John 1838 1915 Ada Kansas Co. G, 15th Kansas Cavalry
Barnes Robert H Twin Falls Illinois Co. A, 85th Illinois Infantry
BARNES R P 1920 Ada Missouri Co. B, 2nd Missouri Cavalry
BARNETT Simeon A 1844 1914 Ada Illinois Co. A, 70th Illinios Infantry
BARNEY George E 1841 1879 Bear Lake Pennsylvania Co. E, 111th Pennsylvania Infantry
BARNHART David Huffer 1846 1930 Shoshone



Barr John C. Custer Wisconsin Co. L, 7th Wisconsin Infantry
BARR William 1833 1914 Ada Rhode Island Co. H, 25th Rhode Island Inf.
Barrenger Z Washington Iowa Co. C, 13th Iowa
Barrett Richard Gem Wisconsin Co. B, 30th Wisconsin
Barrett Richard 1834 1916 Gem
BARRETT Frank M 1927 Ohio Co. 9, Ohio Vol. Indep. Battery
BARRETT Spencer Payson 1840 1927 Gooding
Bartche George Latah / Blaine Missouri Co. I, 8th Missouri
Bartche Jacob Latah Missouri Co. I, 8th Missouri Cavalry
Barter Gurdon [Burdon] 1843 1900 Latah U.S. Navy
Barton R H Latah Ohio Co. D, 19th Ohio
BARTON Eli A 1847 1934 Ada Illinois Co. F, 14th Illinois Cavalry
BARTON Robert Homer 1842 1926 Latah Ohio Co. D, 17th Ohio Inf.
BARTON Robert Homer 1842 1926 Latah Ohio Co. B, 1st Ohio Vol. Cavalry
Bartroff William 1842 Latah New York Co. E, 45th New York Infantry
Basor James C Ada Ohio Co. K, 19th Ohio Infantry
Bass Geo W Bannock Missouri Co. E, 50th Missouri Volunteers
BASS George E 1831 1921 Ada Missouri Co. E, 5th Missouri Infantry
BATES Charley Wesley 1835 1933 Blaine
Baxter James
BAXTER James 1834 1904 Ada New York Co. K, 1st New York Engineers
Beal Lorenzo 1834 1901 Gem Illinois Co. C, 149th Illinois Infantry
Beal Lorenzo (Mrs. Sofia Amelia) 1841 1919 Gem
BEALE Albert Contwell 1848 1926 Bannock Pennsylvania Co. I, 204th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
Beam Geo W Canyon Co. H, 152nd Infantry
BEAN Edward F 1839 1901 Latah Co. G, 1st Regiment U. S. Sharpshooters
Beardsley W H 1837 1923 California/Latah Illinois Co. A, 36th Illinois
Beatty J S Canyon Wisconsin Co. G, 50th Wisconsin Infantry
Beatty James H.
Beatty John Stewart 1837 1921 Canyon Wisconsin 50th Wisconsin Infantry
BEATTY James H 1836 1927
BEATTY Sylvester H 1846 1931 Kootenai Ohio Co. A, 2nd Ohio Cavalry
BECK Abner W 1839 1912 Kootenai Indiana Co. A, 29th Indiana Infantry
BECK Edward 1849 1893 Idaho Co. H, Relief Corps
BECK Edward 1849 1893 Idaho Kentucky
BECK Edward 1849 1893 Idaho Co. C, 2nd Infantry
BECK Edward 1849 1893 Idaho Kentucky Co. M, 6th Kentucky Cavalry
BECK Edward 1849 1893 Idaho Kentucky 14th Kentucky Infantry
BECKHORN Frederick 1844 1931 Ada New York Co. B, 107th New York Infantry
BECKLEY George 1908 Bannock
Beckman G W Kootenai Wisconsin Co. C, 3rd Wisconisn
BECKMAN George W 1843 1919 Kootenai Pennsylvania Co. C, 149th Pennsylvania Reg.
BECRAFT Henry L 1900 Bannock Michigan Co. K, 11th Michigan Cavalry
BECRAFT Henry L 1830 1900 Bannock Michigan 11th Michigan Cavalry
Bedal Isaac 1833 1917 Ada Minnesota Co. C, Brackette Battalion, MN Cavalry
BEDARD Henry 1846 1916 Lewis New York Co. D, 23rd New York Vol. Inft.
BEERS Dewitt Clinton 1938 Owhyee Iowa 30th Iowa Infantry
BELL C W 1896-? Gooding Indiana Co. B, 10th Indiana Cavalry
BELLAMY Albert L 1840 1920 Bonner Dist. Of Columbia Co. G, 2nd District of Columbia Infantry
Bellamy W W Canyon Michigan Co. I, 27th Michigan Infantry
BELLOWS Daniel W 1905 Custer Illinois Co. K, 1st Ilinois Cavalry
Bellus Adelbert C Ada Iowa Co. C, 9th Iowa Infantry
BENARD John M 1842 1904 Canyon Wisconsin Co. M, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry
Benjamin Geo. W Lemhi California Co. I, 1st California Cavalry
Bennett John W Idaho Missouri Co, E, 21st Missouri Infantry
Bennett John W 1840 1912 Idaho
BENNETT Thomas Warren 1831 1893 Indiana 36th Indiana Infantry
Bentlley Orrin 1842 1928 Idaho Illinois Co. C, 27th Illinois Infantry
Benton Thomas 1843 1931 Bonner Illinois Co. K, 16th Illinois Cavalry
Bernard John M. 1842 1904 Canyon Co. Wisconsin Co. N, Wisconsin
Berry D A Kootenai Michigan Co. E, 6th Michigan
Berry James Baxter/D.? 1894 Latah
BERRY Lester A 1840 1913 Kootenai Michigan Co. E, 6th Michigan Cavalry
Betchel Martin 1837 Latah Illinois Co. C., 20th Illinois Infantry
Bice James M Twin Falls Illinois Co. A, 112th Illinois Infantry
BICKFORD D. C. 1846 1923 Bannock
BILLINGS William Lafayette 1912 Nez Perce Missouri Co. G, 12 Missouri Cavalry
BILLOW Isaac S 1845 1928 Lewis Illinois Co. A, 132 Illinois Infantry
BISBEE William (A.?) 18th U.S. Infantry, 2nd Batt.
BISHOP Alfred H 1839- ? Idaho Iowa Co. I, 3rd Iowa Infantry
BISHOP Ira A 1846 1928 Ada Illinois Co. B, 11th Illinois Cavalry
BLACKMAR Wilmon W 1841 1905 Ada Pennsylvania 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Blackmar Wilmor W. Ada Co.
BLAIR Charles 1839 1914 Ada Kansas Co. D, 13th Kansas Volunteers
Blair Charles Ada Kansas Co. B, 2nd Kansas Cavalry



Blasé Wm Bonner New York Co. H, 5th New York Infantry
Bledsoe Anthony L Idaho Indiana Co, H, 83rd Indiana
BLINKHORN George 1837 1917 Gooding Pennsylvania Co. G, Pennsylvania Artillery
Blitz Adolph Ada Ohio Co. D, 5th Ohio Cavalry
BLYTH Alonzo 1841 1919 Nez Perce Michigan Co. A, 3rd Michigan Cavalry
Boardson Anton Kootenai Wisconsin Co. I, 15th Wisconsin
BODENHAMER William H 1847 1913 Ada Kansas Co. K, 15th Kansas Cavalry
BOLIVAR Patsey Blaine Massachusetts 6the & 31st Mass. Inf., & Union Navy
Bolton E C Arizona / Blaine Vermont Co. G, 5th Vermont
BOND George 1844 1925 Ada Pennsylvania Co. K, 81st Pennsylvania Vol.
Booson Chas F Idaho California Co. D, 7th California Infantry
BORDEN Newell A 1841 1928 Ada Pennsylvania Co. F, Ind. Battery Penn. Light Artillery
Borden W H Canyon New York Co. B, 115th New York Infantry
BORTHWICK Robert C 1832 1912 Kootenai Minnesota Co. G, 11th Minnesota Vol. Infantry
Boswell George H Twin Falls Indiana Co. H, 5th Indiana Infantry
BOUGHTON Augustus Stephin 1846 1933 Lewis Wisconsin Co. A, 49th Wisconsin Infantry
Bowen Adna H 1842 1917 Canyon Michigan Co. A, 4th Michigan Infantry
BOWEN Chas E or C 1840 ? Nez Perce ? Michigan Co. F, 16th Michigan Infantry
BOWEN James Buffan 1835 1907 Kootenai New York 8th New York Cavalry
Bowen Thomas Meade 1835 1906 Pueblo, CO Nebraska & Kansas 1st Neb. Cavalry, 9th Kan. Cavalry, and 13th Kan. Infantry
Bowen Thomas M./Meade 1835 CO Kansas 13th Kan. Vol. Infantry, 7th Army Corps
Bower William Ada Indiana 83rd Indiana Volunteer
BOWER William 1844 1930 Ada Indiana Co. G, 81st Indiana Vol. Infantry
Bowers Henry H 1900 Latah Illinois Co. A, 65th Illinois Infantry
Bowers John Bannock U. S. N.
Bowers Warren K Payette Illinois Co. H, 92nd Illinois Infantry
BOWIE David 1910 Ada Co. C, 12th Infantry, U.S.A.
Bowman John M 1834 Canyon Co. B, Confederate Army
Boyd A V Ada Indiana Co. H, 75th Indiana
BOYLE John (J.?) Co. E, 183rd Pennsylvania Inf.
BOYNTON Ira 1907 Elmore
Brace Hiram 1844 1902 WA/Nez Perce New York Co. D, 1st New York Cavalry
Bracy Milo H. 1836 1909 Latah Illinois Co H, 45th Illinois Infantry
BRADISH Charles E 1847 1930 Ada Minnesota Co. H, 3rd Battalion 18th U.S. Infantry
Bragg Ishmael Ada Missouri Co. C, 49th Missouri Infantry
Bramlett Rufus Canyon Tennessee Co. K 12th Tennessee Cavalry
Bramlett Rufus 1841 1920 Canyon
Brandford Ezra Payette
Brannan Geroge G 1828 1913 Washington California Co. D, 2nd California Cavalry
BRASH John 1842 1932 Lewis
BRASSFIELD Tolman 1880 Ada Iowa 2nd Regiment, Iowa Cavalry
Bray F L Canyon Tennessee Co. A, 8th Tennessee Cavalry
Bray M W Canyon Illinois / Iowa Cos. B & H, 8th Cavalry
Bray Madison W 1838 1912 Canyon Iowa Co. B, 8th Iowa Cavalry
Bray Madison 1838 1912 Canyon
BRAYMAN Mason 1813 1895 Kansas City Illinois 29th Illinois
BRAYMAN Mason 1813 1895 Kansas City 29th Illinois
BREEDLOVE Charles 1910 Ada Kansas Co. D, 13th Kansas Infantry
Brengman Thomas Kootenai Co. Indiana Co. B., 53rd Indiana Volunteers
BRESHEARS Thomas H 1844 1916 Ada Missouri Co. D, 10th Missouri Infantry
Brewer William J. 1823 1895 Latah and Nez Perce Kansas Co. K, 5th Reg. Kansas Cavalry
Brewer William J. Co. K & J, 5th Kansas Cavalry
BREWSTER Walter F 1847 1916 Bannock Ohio Co. G, 189th Ohio Infantry
BRIGGS Phoenix R 1837 ? Idaho Illinois Co. C, 102nd Illinois Infantry
Brillhart George H. 1844 Latah Ohio Co. I, 52st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Brinson David Bannock Colorado Co. D, 1st Colorado Cavalry
Brinson David 1844 1928 Bannock Colorado Co. D, 1st Colorado Cavalry
BROADSWORD Israel A 1952 Bonner Missouri 51st Missouri Vol. Infantry
BROBST Flavius 1929 Ada
Brockman H H Kootenai
Brockway Myron J. 1842 1905 Ada/Blaine Michigan Co. B, 1st Michigan Cavalry
Brookhouser Adam H. 1900 Washington/Ada Iowa Co K, 6th Iowa Infantry
Brooks C W Latah / Blaine Missouri Co. L, 5th Missouri Cavalry
BROOKS Columbus Marion 1844 1913 Blaine Missouri Co. L, 5th Missouri Calvary
BROOKS Noah W 1845 1916 Ada Missouri Co. C, Missouri State Militia
BROOKSHIRE C C 1842 1910 Gem
Brophy Thomas Kootenai Iowa Co. B, 9th Iowa
BROPHY Thoms 1845 1917 Kootenai Iowa Co. B, 9th Iowa Cavalry
Brown Eli R Ada Co. F, 10th P.R..V.
Brown Geo. A Ada Illinois Co. F, 123rd Illinois
BROWN Hubbard 1913 Ada Ohio Co. E, 4th Ohio Infantry
BROWN John A 1839 1918 Kootenai Illinois Co. I, 88th Illinois Infantry
Brown Michael Idaho
BROWN Montgomery T 1848 1927 Twin Falls Confederate Army
BROWN Charles N 1904 Ada Illinois Co. D, 59th Illinois Infantry
BROWN George W 1841 1921 Washington
BROWN John 1909 Ada Illinois Co. D, 53rd Illinois Infantry
BROWN Montgomery T 1848 1927 Twin Falls Confederate Army
Browning Max H Canyon Iowa Co. A, 34th Iowa Infantry
Brumbaugh Levi P. 1846 1903 Canyon Co. Pennsylvania Co. F, 8th Pennsylvania Infantry
Brumiser John H Ada Indiana Co. E, 26th & 148th Indiana



BRUMM George W 1896 Ada
BRUNNERER John W 1843 1924 Ada Indiana Co. E, 148th Indiana Infantry
Bryan William J
BRYAN Billy Jennings 1844 1934 Iowa Co. B, Iowa Infantry
BRYAN John F 1908 Ada Iowa Co. C, 29th Iowa Infantry
BRYAN William Jennings 1844 1934 Iowa Co. B, Iowa Infantry
BRYANT Francis M Bonner Wisconsin Co. I, 3rd Wisconsin Infantry
BUBB David D 1922 Kootenai Pennsylvania Co. K, 141st Pennsylvania Infantry
BUBB John W. Co. E, 12th U.S. Infantry
Budlong D H Kootenai Wisconsin Co. C, 33rd Wisconsin Infantry
Budlong David H. 1831 Kootenai Co. Wisconsin Co. C, 33rd Wisconsin
BUECHLER Mathias 1832 ? Latah Missouri Co. E, 1st Missouri Light Artillery
BURCH John David 1920 Bannock Missouri Co. B, 6th Missouri Infantry
Burke Edward L. 1848 Latah Illinois Co. G, 148th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
BURKE Peter S 1909 Ada Indiana Co. B, 11th Indiana Cavalry
Burke Peter S Bannock Iowa Co. H, 6th Iowa Infantry
Burkett J W Ada Massachusetts Co. H, 58th Massachusetts Infantry
Burnell Dello Nez Perce Co. E 95th Ill. Infantry
BURNET Edward G 1846 1933 Ada Iowa Co. K, 40th Iowa Infantry
Burnham David D 1837 1901 Nez Perce Wisconsin Co. D, 17th Wisconsin Regiment
BURREL Presto 1829 1911 Bingham California Co. H, 3rd California Infantry
Burris Andrew 1904 Ada Co. Ohio Co. H, 172nd Ohio Infantry
Burris Andrew 1835 1904 Kootenai Co. Ohio Co H, 172nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Burrows Edward N. (M?) 1844 1914 Ada Michigan Co. A, 5th Micigan Cavalry
BURTON Ira L 1844 1929 Gem
BURTON Mark 1849 1918 Canyon
Bushnell Orlando H Payette Illinois Co. D, 6th Illinois Infantry
BUTCH James W 1844 1913 Ada Kentucky Co. C, 9th Kentucky Cavalry
Butler Owen Idaho Illinois Co, C, 21st Illinois Infantry
BUTLER Albert S 1837 1931 Adams New York Co. B, 173rd New York Infantry
BUTLER David 1847 1929 Ada Vermont Co. F, 7th Vermont Volunteers
BYBEE Bluefield A 1841 1913 Jefferson
BYFIELD Marion J 1907 Owyhee Kansas Co. C, 19th Kansas Cavalry
BYRNE Christopher 1833 1918 Nez Perce Minnesota 10th Regiment, U.S. Infantry

CABLE John W 1819 1902 California Pennsylvania Master of Arms
CABLE Jonathan 1840 1915 Jefferson
CABLE William H 1917 Kootenai Kansas Co. E, 12th Kansas Infantry
CAHALAN Thomas D 1841 1918 Ada Confederate Army
Caldwell Andrew F Bannock Illinois Co. A, 138th Illinois Infantry
Caldwell Elbert A 1833 1897 Elmore California Co C, 5th CA Infantry
Caldwell Hiram B. 1835 1904 Bingham/Ada Co. Colorado Co. G, 1st Colorado Cavalry
Caldwell Hiram B 1835 1904 Colorado Co G, 1st Colorado Infantry
CALDWELL Andrew F 1846 1922 Bannock Illinois Co. A, 138th Illinois Infantry
Calkins Albert Idaho Wisconsin Co. A, 35th Wisconsin
Calkins S Canyon Wisconsin Co. G, 11th Wisconsin Infantry
Callop P J Ada Indiana Co. H, 3rd Indiana Cavalry
CALVERT Richard D 1844 1916 Nez Perce Confederate Army
CALVIN William Henry 1841 1927 Clearwater Illinois Co. D, 59th Illinois
Cameron Alex 1903 California/Canyon Co. Wisconsin 33rd Wisconsin Infantry
Campbell Frank 1842 Latah Illinois Co. A, 10th Illinois Cavalry
Campbell J H Bingham New York Co. B, 189th New York Infantry
Campbell John P Nez Perce Illinois Co. E, 32nd Illinois Infantry
Campbell W O Ada Connecticut Co. G, Connecticut Artillery



CAMPBELL William O 1831 1916 Ada Connecticut Co. A, Connecticut Heavy Artillery
CAMPFIELD John 1848 1924 Bonner Wisconsin Co. F, 52st Wisconsin Infantry
Carey M A Latah Illinois Co. E, 22nd Illinois
Carey Thomas F 1846 1912 Bannock
Carey Thos F Bannock Co. F, 12th U. S. Infantry
CARLIN William Passmore 1829 1903 Washington Illinois 38th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Carlton Nelson W. 1841 1905 Ada Co. Minnesota Co. K, 2nd Minnesota Cavalry
CARNES John R 1847 1931 Bingham Ohio Co. H, 11th Ohio Cavalry
CARPENTER Carmal (Carmel) C 1845 1919 Latah Missouri Co. G, 23rd Missouri Infantry
Carr John Kootenai Pennsylvania Co. G, 141st Pennsylvania Infantry
CARSON Pelig Nelson 1841 1922 Ada Illinois Co. I, 47th Illinois Infantry
Carter William P 1844 Canyon Illinois Co D, 40th Illinois Infantry
Carter Wm P Canyon Illinois Co. C, 40th Illinois
Carter Wm. Latah Missouri Co. B, 5th Missouri Cavalry
CARTER Joseph H 1843 1923 Ada Ohio Co. H, 3rd Ohio Cavalry
CARTER William Latah Missouri Co. B, 5th Missouri Cavalry
CARTMILL John W 1833 1922 Ada Missouri Co. C, 23rd Missouri Infantry
CARY Thomas L 1843 1931 Ada
CASE Farrington / Franklin 1842 1916 Nez Perce Ohio Co. E, 177th Ohio
CASE Andrew I 1899 Ada California Co. M, 2nd California Cavalry
CASEY Daniel 1825 1916 Wisconsin Co. D, 6th Wisconsin Veteran Volunteers
CASPER Winston or Weston Newton 1848 1925 Jefferson
Catlin C F Bonner
Caufield John A. 1842 1920 Montana
CELLAR James D 1899 Fremont Ohio Co. C, 4th Ohio Infantry
Chamberlain H L Nez Perce / Ada New York Co. H, 13th New York Cavalry
Chambers Samuel T./Thomas? 1832 Latah Indiana Co. B, 26th Indiana Infantry
Chambers Thomas/ Samuel? T.? 1918/19 Princeton
Chaney Samuel G. 1838 1901 Ada Illinois Co. C, 102nd IllinoisVolunteers
Channell John D Ada Ohio Co. H , 23rd Ohio; Co E, 12th Ohio
Chapman D Latah Illinois 46th Illinois
CHAPMAN David 1830 1917 Latah Illinois Co. H, 46th Illinois Infantry
CHAPMAN John W Bingham Missouri Co. C, 1st State Guards of Missouri
CHASE Benjamin Dowell 1838 1920 Bannock Indiana Co. A, 48th Indiana Infantry
CHASE Benjamin F 1830 1914 Ada Minnesota Co. F, 6th Minnesota Infantry
CHASE Charles Newton 1839 1895 Bingham Pennsylvania Co. I, 136th Pennsylvania Inf.
Chasten John A Shoshone Seaman U. S. N.
Chenowith Peter Canyon Ohio 57th Ohio
Chenowith Peter Canyon Iowa Co. A, 8th Iowa Cavalry
Chitwood Richard G. 1818 1907 Ada Co. Missouri Co. C, 8th Missouri Cavalry
CHRETIEN John A 1834 1923 Ada U. S. Navy - USS. North Carolina
CLARK Budd 1899 Ada Iowa Co. D, 28th Iowa
Clark C E Ada Maine Co. B, 14th Maine Infantry
CLARK Charles Ambrose 1839 1918 Ada Minnesota Co. F, 6th Minnesota Infantry
Clark Henry 1822 1905 Blaine New York Co F, 14th New York Infantry
CLARK James Polk 1834 1899 Ada Illinois Co. I, 2nd Illinois Cavalry
CLARK John W 1844 1924 Clearwater
Clark John E. 1846? 1928 Meridian Alabama and Tenness 1st Alabama and Tennessee Vidett Cavalry
Clark M W Ada Indiana Co. D, 60th Indiana Infantry
Clark Matthew 1841 1913 Canyon
Clark Theodore Latah Ohio Co. A, 73rd Ohio
CLARK Charles Ambrose 1839 1918 Ada Minnesota Co. F, 6th Minnesota Infantry
CLARK James Polk 1834 1899 Ada Illinois Co. I, 2nd Illinois Cavalry
CLARK John W 1844 1924 Clearwater
CLARK Theodore Latah Ohio Co. D, 22nd Ohio Infantry
CLIFFORD Chas. A 1847 1915 Clearwater Illinois Co. A, 66th Illinois Infantry
CLIFTON Henry C 1836 1926 Boise Missouri Co. G, Pike County Home Guards
Cloonan James A Bannock Michigan Co. G, 1st Michigan L A
CLYDE W Judge 1834 1911 Lewis Minnesota Co. K, 2nd Minnesota Vol.
COATES Edwin (?) New York Co. C, 11th New York Vol.
COLBURN Alfred 1834 1903 Latah Minnesota Co. K, 1st Minnesota Volunteers
Cole Orrie Ada Illinois Co. I, 112th Illinois Infantry
COLE John English 1847 Canyon
COLE Oric 1842 1931 Ada Illinois Co. I, 112th Illinois Infantry
COLLINS Michael Nez Perce Co. D, 1st U. S. Cavalry
COLLINS Patrick 1833 1879 Ada 14th U. S. Infantry
COLLINS Patrick 1833 1879 Ada 2nd U. S. Cavalry
COLLINS Patrick 1833 1879 Ada Co. A, 21st Infantry
COLLINS Thomas L 1842 1931 Kootenai Iowa Co. B, 3rd Iowa Infantry
Colman Brice 1845 Kootenai Co. Tennessee 2nd Tennessee
COLTON Charles W 1836 1921 Latah
Colton Peter Latah Ohio Co. F, 67th Ohio



Comer Allen Twin Falls Ohio Co. D, 17th Ohio
Comer William A. 1843 Latah Ohio Company D, 17th Ohio Infantry; Army of the Cumberland;Co. A, Ohio 58th
Conaway / Conway John Wesley 1913 Indiana Co. C, 83rd Indiana
Condon Michael Bannock Delaware Co. E, 1st Delaware Vet. Vol.
Conklin T F Canyon Ohio Co. G, 11th Ohio Infantry
CONKLIN Alonzo 1844 1922 Ada Indiana Co. H, 88th Indiana Vol. Infantry
CONKLIN Austin N 1846 1925 Gooding
CONKLIN Emmett Frank 1850 1932 Kootenai Wisconsin Co. E, 48th Wisconsin Infantry
CONLIN Arthur 1840 1904 Ada Ohio Co. B, 170th Ohio Infantry
CONNER George McConnell 1838 1918 Ada Vermont Co. M, 1st Vermont Cavalry
CONNORS Con 1926 Canyon
CONOVER Joseph B 1844 1919 Twin Falls Illinois Co. D, 85th Illinois Infantry
Conrad Plank Nez Perce Indiana Co. G, 48th Indiana Infantry
CONRAD Ephraim 1834 1908 Nez Perce
CONROY Thomas 1826 1920 Ada
CONWAY Henry B 1910 Ada Illinois Co. F, 2nd Illinois Infantry
CONWAY John Wesley 1852 1913 Shoshone
Cook Geo F Gem / Ada Iowa Co. D, 2nd Iowa
COOK James 1845 1936 Oregon Wisconsin Co. A, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry
COOK John C 1846 1917 Ada Michigan 8th Michigan Cavalry
COOK John 1826 1914 Nez Perce Iowa Co. B, 11th Iowa Infantry
COOK Lewis F 1834 1920 Canyon Confederate Army
COOK Marinus S 1847 1912 Ada Ohio Co. E, 189th Ohio Infantry
COOK George F 1834 1910 Ada Iowa Co. D, 2nd Iowa Infantry
COOK Lewis F 1834 1920 Canyon Confederate Army
COOK Marinus S 1847 1912 Ada Ohio Co. E, 189th Ohio Infantry
COOLIDGE Frank W 1843 1906 Lincoln Iowa Co. F, 12th Iowa Infantry
Cooper William E 1840 1907 Elmore Pennsylvania Co G, 17th PA Cavalry
Copeland Lloyd D. Latah Minnesota Co. C, 6th Minnesota Infantry
COPELAND Lloyd Deforest 1843 1924 Washington
CORNETT Jacob 1842 1923 Adams
Corron P J Canyon
CORSON Joseph Co. K, 4th Pennsylvania Inf.
Coryell Cary A. 1843 1907 Nez Perce Iowa Co. K, 33rd Iowa Infantry
Costley Washington Idaho Missouri Co, K, 15th Missouri
Coulter Amos 1845 1908 Canyon Co. Ohio Co F, 147th Ohio Infantry
Cox Cyrus 1812 Ada Iowa Co K, 13th Infantry Regiment
Cox Cyrus 1903 Blaine
Cox Harmon Ada Iowa Co. H, 13th Iowa Infantry
COX Alfred 1841 1930 Owyhee Iowa Co. C, 4th Iowa Infantry
COX Harmon 1837 1922 Ada Iowa
COX Jonathan 1845 1914 Ada Iowa Co. K, 16th Iowa Infantry
COX Riley 1842 1926 Washington
COYKENDALL Darwin 1841 1916 Ada Illinois Co. A, 17th Illinois Infantry
Cozier B F 1836 1903 Ohio 3rd OH Cavalry
CRAMER Silas M 1843 1922 Lewis Wisconsin 1st Wisconsin Battery
CRAMER Silas M 1843 1922 Lewis Co. F, 4th U. S. Veteran Volunteers
Crandall Elisha A. 1847 Bonner Wisconsin Co F, 23rd Vol Infantry
Crawford Thomas Canyon Indiana Co, G, 85th Indiana Infantry
Crawford W A Bingham Missouri Co. K, 11th Missouri
CRAWFORD J R Iowa Co. D, 37th Iowa Infantry



Creed Charles D 1844 1913 Ada Illinois Co. A, 4th Illinois Cavalry
CREEDON James 1848 1896 Ada Ohio Co. K, 181st Ohio Infantry
Crites Harrison S 1824 1898 Ada Missouri Co H, 25th Missouri Infantry
Crites Harrison S 1824 1898 Ada Illinois Co K, 148th Illinois Infantry
CROCKETT Edwin 1829 1907 Kootenai New York Co. F, 65th New York Infantry
Crog(h)an George 1842? 1900 MN/Lemhi New York 5th Regiment, U.S.Artillery
Crogan George 1842? 1900 MN/Lemhi New York 5th Regiment, U.S.Artillery
CROZAR James 1825 ? 1901 Ada Nevada Co. B, 1st Nevada Infantry
CUDNEY R 1903 Nez Perce
Cuendett Julius S Ada Illinois 22nd Illinois Infantry
CULVER James H 1839 1918 Ohio Co. I, 67th Ohio
CULVER William E 1847 1933 Ada Indiana Co. K, 72nd Indiana Infantry
CUMMINGS George W 1844 1930 Clearwater Missouri Co. A, 2nd Missouri Reserve Cavalry
Cummings H Latah Oregon Co. A, 1st Oregon
Cunningham Michael 1900 Ada Illinois Battery L, Illinois Light Artillery
Cuppernutt Byron Payette New York Co. G, 14th New York H. A.
CURL George W 1843 1913 Ada Kansas Co. I, 11th Kansas Cavalry
CURRAN John 1843 1910 Ada Iowa Co. A, 16th Iowa Infantry
CURRY Isaac B 1840 1884 Ada
CURTIS John 1848 1919 Ada Wisconsin Co. K, 51st Wisconsin Infantry
Cushman E S Canyon Illinois Co, E, 92nd Illinois Infantry